Take your company culture to the next level

Your culture is way too important to just leave to faith.
That’s why we help companies and teams define, apply and grow their winning culture.

Culture as the foundation of your business

Teams that share a strong culture outperform other teams in talent attraction, talent retention, performance & adaptability and team happiness. But to build and maintain your team culture, you need a plan.

Fast team growth

Team merges

New strategic direction

Our winning approach to culture shaping

Based on best practices and hands-on experience, our method offers a unique combination of expertise, tooling and hands-on collaboration to help you and your team to define, apply and ongoingly grow your winning culture.


We help define your winning culture and deliver your Cultural Manifesto that sets the foundation for all your People and Culture practices.


Our platform brings together your culture to life in one seamless employee experience that allows your entire team to apply your cultural values in everyday collaboration.


Whether you need training or hands-on support: our experts are always closeby to support you and your team as you solidify and grow your culture.

Your partner on your journey to Cultural Maturity

Each team is unique. But the path to et to true cultural maturity is made up of the exact same stages for all of us. We are here to help at each step of the way.

Why our clients love us

Joni Uhlenbeck


‘Our company is growing quite fast. SUMM really helps us to stay true to our DNA while our team expands.’

Our story: made by us, for companies like us.

Our drive to help SME teams build winning cultures comes from having been such a team ourselves. This is why we truly understand the cultural needs and context of companies like us. And this is why we know our method works.