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HR interview: Mapping your current cultural rituals

Each good cultural manifesto finds a balance between 'aspiration' and 'credibility'. So besides having an ambitious company mission stated (see resource: 'Founder interview') that provides direction, the other key starting point of the co-writing sessions is a clear mapping of the workings of your current culture. Use this interview guideline to map both your current cultural values and clearly identify your current cultural rituals around employee hiring, employee onboarding and employee evaluation.

  • Guideline for a 45-60 minute interview
  • Goal: getting a clear mapping of your current culture's workings and rituals
  • Outcomes to be used as the starting point for your co-writing team

Other resources

Founder interview: Defining your company's mission

The business mission of your company is what should guide your cultural values. Use this interview guideline to help the founder clearly state you business’ mission.

The co-writing team pre-read

Invite and prepare the participants of the co-writing sessions.

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