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Founder interview: Defining your company's mission

Culture should always be the means, not the goal. We believe the most important trait of a healthy company culture is business/culture-fit: alignment between company mission and company culture. That is why we created this interview guideline: to enable your founder and/or CEO to clearly state your business’ mission. So you can use it as a clear foundation to be used during the process of defining your aspired culture, and make the business mission of your company guide your cultural values.

  • Guideline for a 45-60 minute interview
  • Goal: getting a clearly stated mission that your culture should enable
  • Outcomes to be used as the starting point for your co-writing team

Other resources

HR interview: Mapping your current cultural rituals

Use this interview guideline to map both your current cultural values and clearly identify your current team set-up and cultural rituals like hiring, onboarding and evaluations.

The co-writing team pre-read

Invite and prepare the participants of the co-writing sessions.

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