Get the full picture. Evaluate better.

SUMM helps small and mid-sized companies run effective, transparent and 360 evaluation cycles.

  • Steer on a scalable culture
  • Be transparent and forward about your values
  • Boost productivity with a culturally aligned team

Here’s the stretch.

Evaluations can be time consuming, inconsistent and let’s be honest - your people hate it. SUMM helps your team leads have meaningful conversations with their teams. It then provides admins with the right insights and overview. While your people benefit. As simple as it sounds.


Fair, transparent and consistent evaluations in which your people actually participate.

Time saving

Save time while you gain overview in an easy to manage process, for everyone.

You’re in control

Combine continuous feedback and timed evaluations into a customised cycle that suits your needs.

  1. Go beyond hard skills and integrate culture.

    SUMM puts culture at the heart of talent evaluations. It provides team leads with powerful cultural and hard skills development results - to make the most informed decisions.

    • Interact with your company’s cultural values
    • Gather actual cultural alignment results

We deliver the full picture.

We collect the right things from the right people, at the right time. All you need to do is watch the results and draw your conclusions.

Peer feedback
Peers review cultural alignment and provide tips and tops to focus and improve.
Self assessments
Self-reflections pinpoint and share someones own achievements and/or challenges.
Lead evaluations
Team leads guide and evaluate their team members hard skills progress.

Actually accommodate growth.

We know performance development takes time and energy to do right. SUMM is fully automated and delegates the mundane work for you, so you can focus on your people and their growth.


Grant your employees ownership in their own performance reviews that are actually aimed at their personal development, on skills and culture.

  • 360 evaluations – all perspectives
  • Engage with company culture frequently
  • Fair expectations in their own development

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