Release notes November 2023

Improvements and additions to your company rituals - now in Dutch!

Our design and development team have been hard at work to improve existing features, using your feedback and input, as well as expanding in amazing new features that will change the way your team collaborates. In this release: Onboarding & Journeys beta, Goalsetting and Culture Feedback improvements, a new domain name and a Dutch platform for those who prefer to work in Dutch, aside from some general design improvements.

Onboarding & Journeys

As it's our goal to assist our clients along the entire employee journey, we have expanded heavily into our second ritual: Onboarding.
Now, admins can set up an entire onboarding journey once, and re-use it for everyone that joins their company. Set up a task list for everything the new employee should be doing, and let SUMM do the rest.

Onboarding activities can be divided into three storylines: Culture, Skills and Office. Add as many activities as you like! Any activity can be linked to anyone in your company, making it really easy to include the entire team in every new person's first few weeks. So besides them doing the mundane tasks, like picking up their laptop, signing a few documents and learning how to clean the coffee machine: they can have coffee chats with their new team, interactively learn about your cultural values, discuss your skills with your team lead and. All while their journey guide and team lead stay on top of their progress by way of automated emails.

So give your new people the onboarding journey they deserve, to kick-start their company alignment.

Goals improvement

Goals was the first feature we ever released, and we've been happy to dig into it again, improving the flow and reducing the amount of steps. Where before, someone's goals had to be checked and approved by their lead. Now, that has changed.
Your goals are your goals, and whenever you're ready to work on them, you publish them, done. From then on, other people with access to your profile (buddies, leads, admins) can see your published goals and leave notes on them. Would you still like to have someone review your published goals? Invite them over for a check-in!

Goals now work much better, with better instructions, less steps and better emails. We think this improved experience will make setting goals much easier, more personal, and much faster.

The feedback form has also received some updates, we made it easier to understand which steps need to be taken to complete the form, and we updated the look of cultural cards all throughout the platform. This way, culture cards are more accessible and more re-usable in your branded interfaces.

SUMM.NL and Dutch translation

Big news! SUMM is now accessible on This means the app can now be linked to by going to Looks nice right?
We have also worked hard to support multiple languages, of which Dutch is the first. The entire platform has been translated, and it's been a major jump for us. Language and Culture go hand in hand, so we prioritised this in support of our method. So for those admins wanting to switch their company to a Dutch environment? You know where to find us!


- Term reviews are now named Collections again
- We've made our login screen a little friendlier
- Touching up the profiles page styling
- Updated the look of emails
- We've begun to update all modals, pop-ups and buttons
- Small alignments for consistency with other pages

Next up:

- Expanding into a new ritual - Employer Branding
- Feedback on skills
- Improved cycle progress
- Personal dashboards

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