Foster growth, collaboration, and a thriving company culture.

Introducing: Journals

Journals: shared note-taking made easy

We're delighted to introduce a new feature that's all about fostering growth, collaboration, and a thriving company culture: Journals.

The Journal feature is designed to support the development journey of your team members, enhance communication, and strengthen bonds within your organization. It simplifies the process of logging professional development milestones, setting goals, and conducting team lead check-ins, creating a more structured and supportive environment for growth.

While Journals may seem like a straightforward tool, its impact goes beyond simple note-taking. It serves as a repository of valuable insights and reflections, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement within your organization.

Journal notifications and reminders

With gentle reminders built in, Journals helps keep everyone on track without the need for constant nudges. This not only eases the workload for you as an admin, but also encourages a proactive approach to personal and professional development among team members.

Privacy and accessibility

Journal owners can select who they share their Journal with, so these people have access to the Journal and can leave their own notes as well. The entries of each journal are only visible to the participants. Notes are accessible only to those involved, ensuring that sensitive discussions remain within the intended circle of trust. Journal owners have the flexibility to grant access to team leads, buddies or admins, promoting transparency and collaboration.

Ready to start using Journals for your company?

We’d love to help you get started by creating default journals for everyone in your company. This way, your current people, and new people that join will have a set of journals to get them started. 

Email us at for more info.

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